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Why Cash-Based?

We are just a couple of neuro-nerds whose paths somehow crossed early in our careers.  We became PTs because we love helping people and solving the mystery of how the brain and body are (or are not!) working together.  We truly value creating deep connections with our patients while also making therapy fun and enjoyable. Our experience and ability to bounce ideas off each other has lead to remarkable outcomes, because two brains really are better than one!

While working numerous jobs within the healthcare system, we quickly became aware of all the problems clinicians and patients have to face.  So often we were in situations where insurance limited therapy visits (or denied treatment altogether) or company values prioritized money over quality care.  As a therapist, it leads to burn out.  As a patient, it leads to grief, hopelessness, and frustration.  Our vision is to create a space where recovery is dictated by science, compassion, and dedication... not money.


That is why we have decided to open a cash-based practice, which probably sounds counterintuitive.  A neurologic injury, such as a stroke, spinal cord injury, etc. can quickly deplete your finances, even with insurance.  In a cash-based treatment model, the power is in YOUR hands.  YOU get to decide what goals to work towards, without "permission" from your insurance company. YOU get to choose quality of care over providers insurance "approves" (who might not even know how to best treat your injury).

Many insurances provide an out-of-network benefit, which we can help you with. You can submit the bill for your visits afterwards to seek reimbursement.


And as clinicians, we get to focus all of our time and energy on quality care, not worrying about billing minute-to-minute or meeting productivity standards. By getting your provider's full time and energy vested in you, you will get better faster- and probably pay less in the long run.

Visit our Cash Pay FAQs page for more info:


Our clinic space is located in the Oregon Wellness Building. The building is ADA accessible!

Follow the wheelchair ramp down to the door on the lower level- you will be  provided the entry code.


  • Free street parking in nearby neighborhoods. Do NOT park in the adjacent parking lot.

  • If you need assistance getting into the clinic from your car, please call us prior to your session and we will come out to help you.

  • Our clinic is wheelchair accessible- follow the ramp down to the coded door.

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